BlindSpot Art and BlindSpot Art Stories-The Beginning

blindspotArt ABSTRACT image

BlindSpot Art is a new type of healing art that specializes in the promotion of self awareness , self-identity, better health and inner healing. My name is Vanessa Ashford and I am a fine artist . My art medium is acrylic and mixed media. I have painted and created unique imagery throughout my lifetime. At various stages in my life, a great deal of it was perplex in nature and now – I understand why.

The design and development of my personal  blindspot art imagery and the situations and circumstances behind them tell a unique story. The creation of BlindSpot Art in it’s beginning stages have seemed rather abstract and articulate a creation of mindful complexities. Unexplainable feelings are occasionally coupled with a palette of vibrant or more  solemn color schemes intertwined with distinct objects that exemplify a multitude of life altering circumstances and seemingly dissociative personalities that I have decided to share.

BlindSpot Art and BlindSpot Art Stories have allowed me to participate in a self healing process and to come to grips with who I am. My plan is to use BlindSpot Art Stories to help others see how God has healed me and used me in various life circumstances to facilitate the healing of others. I plan to use BlindSpot Art and my life stories and testimonies to empower others to move toward inner healing. I want to share my life’s testimonies to help them walking through the process of art making. My goal is to reach as many people as possible throughout the world to let them know and experience how they too can enjoy the many benefits of healing through Blindspot Art and BlindSpot Art Stories.


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